On a global basis, individuals live and conduct business on an international scale so easy travel opportunities are still large in scale and geopolitical risks around the world concern many people. The political, geographical and legal aspects of certain countries impact its citizens lives immensely. The option of a second residency or citizenship, and the freedom that comes with it, is enormously appealing. Countries themselves are also looking for new ways to generate growth, and governments have increasingly become focused on the benefits of offering individuals residency or citizenship in return for some form of economic investment.

Residence planning and related tax planning for high worth net individuals, involves finding solutions for individuals and their families who own property in different countries, often have complex international situations and requirements and may desire to move internationally. Having of two passports becomes beneficial which can be obtained easily with the citizenship by investment programs.

Dual Citizenship offers an effective tool for international tax planning and provides financial privacy for banking and investment. It improves personal security, enables freedom of movement and allows access to the best healthcare and education opportunities. It provides to individuals and their families (including spouses, children, parents and even grandparents), with the opportunity to legally acquire a new nationality and a second passport quickly and efficiently. Second citizenship is for life, passed down through generations.


  • Mobility

  • Stability and Security

  • Healthcare and Education

  • Favorable Tax Environment

  • Investment Opportunities

  • Financial Freedom

Benefits of Second Citizenship

  • Freedom of Movement
  • Irrevocable citizenship and passport, passed down through generations
  • Protected by the government citizenship law
  • Obtain a reliable and stable citizenship
  • Global mobility, including visa-free travel
  • Alternatives for Residency and Retirement
  • Economic Stability
  • Tax Optimization
  • Freely obtain business license, open companies and bank accounts
  • Better Lifestyle and access to high quality of educational and health facilities