The most breathtaking island in the Caribbean, boasting one of the best standards of living in the region.

The warm and welcoming people of Dominica invite individuals and their families to become citizens of their Caribbean island-nation. The Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program was first established in 1993 (Economic Citizenship Program) with a distinguished reputation and one of the most affordable legal Citizenship by Investment programs.

The Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program, requires making an economic contribution to the country (either a contribution into the Economic Diversification Fund or an investment in designated Real Estate) and in exchange, individuals and their families obtain an irrevocable citizenship for life with no need to reside in the country and most importantly no need to give up their current nationality.

The recent evolution is that the European Union abolished the visa requirement for Dominica nationals.

Dominica is a member of Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and of the Commonwealth of Nations. Is also a member of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and the Organization of American States (OAS).

Commonwealth of Dominica

Sitting halfway along the Eastern Caribbean archipelago, Dominica is located just a few miles from Martinique to the south and Guadeloupe to the North.

Dominica’s official name is the Commonwealth of Dominica (to further distinguish the island from the Dominican Republic, its northerly Caribbean sister), known as the ‘Nature Island of the Caribbean’ and is a hidden paradise offering a combination of unrivalled natural beauty and welcoming investment platform for international business.

Why choose Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Programme?
Greater wealth, freedom and mobility. No matter where you live.

Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Programme is recognized as one of the Caribbean’s most reputable and secure economic citizenship opportunities. You and your family can enjoy access to 130+ countries and territories visa-free and benefit from a stable political climate and favourable tax regime.


Individual Freedom

  • Instant and Irrevocable Citizenship
  • Dual Citizenship is permitted without the requirement to notify the applicant’s home country
  • No mandatory travel or residence requirements
  • Open to most nationalities

Business Advantages

  • Dominica is a signatory of double taxation treaties with the USA and the CARICOM
  • Tax-Free Status – on Foreign Income, Capital Gains Tax, Gift, Wealth and Inheritance Tax
  • No Personal Income Tax
  • There is no restriction on the repatriation of profits and imported capital
  • Duty-Free trading in the Caribbean
  • Currency is pegged to the US dollar, which provides certainty and stability in exchange transactions
  • Privacy and Security

Visa Free Travel

  • Visa Free Travel to more than 130 Countries including Schengen Visa Countries of Europe, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Hong Kong Ireland.
  • Where a visa is required, they are relatively easy to obtain.
  • Passport Validity

In order to be eligible for citizenship of the Commonwealth of Dominica under its Citizenship by Investment Programme, it requires to make:

• A contribution into the Economic Diversification Fund (EDF) amounting to a minimum of USD 100,000 for a single applicant, and increasing depending on the number of dependants included in the application;

• An Investment in Designated Real Estate with a value of at least USD 200,000.

The Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica invites investments that will generate sustained economic growth and prosperity, and create jobs and business opportunities for the people of Dominica. The Government is committed to continuing to provide the legislative and administrative framework, and fiscal and technical support, necessary to encourage your investments and attain these goals. Dominica is creating modern, diversified, sustainable, and resilient economic structures to meet the demands of a highly competitive global environment.

EDF Application Process
Investment in Real Estate
Real Estate Process

About Dominica and the Citizenship by Investment Programme

Can you tell me about Dominica?

The Commonwealth of Dominica is a Caribbean republic with a parliamentary democracy. The capital city is Roseau and the population is approximately 73, 500. Dominica’s official language is English, although French Patois is also spoken. The local currency is the East Caribbean dollar, which is pegged to the United States dollar.

What is the Citizenship by Investment Programme?

The Citizenship by Investment Programme allows you and your family to obtain full legal citizenship and passports when you make a significant investment in Dominica which qualifies under the Citizenship by Investment Regulations. Presently, there are two qualifying investments: a contribution to the Economic Diversification Fund starting at USD 100, 000 for a single applicant, or the purchase of authorized property valued at least USD 200, 000.

How do I apply for Citizenship?

A detailed breakdown of the steps for applying for citizenship can be found how to apply

Who is an Authorized Agent?

An Authorized Agent is a person licensed by the Government to act on your behalf when you apply for Citizenship by Investment in Dominica. VARDIKOS & VARDIKOS is an Approved Citizenship by Investment Agent, and we may assist you in all questions relating to your application.

Who is eligible to apply for Dominica?

As an applicant for citizenship, you must be at least 18 years of age, of good character, without a criminal record, and able and willing to make the required contribution. VARDIKOS & VARDIKOS will assist you in preparing the required forms and supporting documents.

How much does the Programme cost? What are the Fees?

The total cost will be made up of the contribution to the Economic Diversification Fund or of the investment in authorized real estate, plus fees relating to the processing of the application. Some fees apply to both citizenship routes, while others depend on whether you choose to obtain citizenship through the Economic Diversification Fund option or the real estate option.

Does Citizenship extend to my Spouse and Children?

Yes, citizenship is extended to your spouse, dependent children and dependent parents or grandparents. Fees vary according to the number of family members you include in your application for citizenship.

Who qualifies as a dependant?

  • Dependant means:
  • A spouse of the main applicant;
  • A child under eighteen (18) years of age of the main applicant or his or her spouse;
  • A child of the main applicant or his or her spouse between eighteen (18) and thirty (30) who is in full-time attendance at a recognised institution of higher learning after his or her eighteenth birthday and fully supported by the main applicant;
  • An unmarried daughter of the main applicant who is up to thirty (30) years of age and is living with and fully supported by the main applicant;
  • A child of the main applicant or spouse of the main applicant who is above the age of eighteen (18) years and physically or mentally challenged and who is fully supported by the main applicant;
  • Parents or grandparents of the main applicant or his or her spouse above the age of fifty-five (55) years living with and fully supported by the main applicant
  • Where a parent or grandparent is fifty-five (55) years old, but his or her spouse is aged less than fifty-five (55), both the parent or grandparent and that parent or grandparent’s spouse will qualify as dependants.
  • A ‘child’ means a biological or legally adopted child of a main applicant, or of the spouse of the main applicant.
  • By “between eighteen (18) and thirty (30)” or “up to thirty (30)” is intended a child who is 30, but not a child who has turned 31.

Please contact VARDIKOS & VARDIKOS for questions relating to which of your family members may be included in your application.

What are the benefits?

Once you receive citizenship of Dominica you will have the same right to live, work, and study in Dominica as any other citizen. With a Dominican passport, you will be able to travel visa-free.

or with a visa-on-arrival to more than 120 countries and territories, including major business hubs.

Citizenship by Investment

Will I be liable to any taxes in Dominica?

There is no wealth, gift, inheritance, foreign income, or capital gains tax in Dominica. As a citizen, you would be liable to pay personal tax if you resided in Dominica.

The Citizenship by Investment Application Process

Can I submit the application to the Citizenship by Investment Unit myself?

No. You must submit your application through an Authorised Agent

How long does the application take?

From submission of the application to an approval in principle, we normally take less than three months.

How does this programme compare to other Citizenship by Investment Programmes?

Our Programme has been running since 1993 and our Citizenship by Investment Unit is highly experienced in processing applications. Our Programme has quick processing times and offers the most affordable route to full, legal citizenship of any of the citizenship by investment programmes in the Caribbean. We were recently ranked number one in the world’s most comprehensive study of the citizenship by investment industry.

Is the application process confidential?

The application process itself is confidential, except where necessary checks are carried out by authorized due diligence agencies and international partners.

Do I have to attend an interview?

No, you don’t have to attend a mandatory interview. However, an interview may be required at the discretion of the Government.

Do I have to travel to Dominica?

No, you don’t have to travel to Dominica as part of the application process. However, we always encourage you to visit our beautiful Dominica. In exceptional circumstances where an interview is required, we would usually like to meet you face-to-face in Dominica. However, should you be unable to attend an interview in Dominica, we may decide to interview you in certain centres outside of Dominica, subject to you being able and willing to pay applicable costs.

Do I have to be resident in Dominica in order to obtain citizenship?

No. You do not have to reside in Dominica before or after citizenship is granted.

Is the application form available online?

No. All application forms for the Citizenship by Investment Programme can only be obtained through an Authorized Agent.

Visiting Dominica - Your Dominican Passport

What is the Oath of Allegiance?

Upon final approval of citizenship, each applicant is required to sign an Oath of Allegiance to the Commonwealth of Dominica. The Oath must be signed before a Notary Public, Justice of the Peace, or Commissioner of Oaths.

Visiting Dominica – Your Dominican Passport

What is a Police Clearance Certificate?

A Police Clearance Certificate is a document provided by a law enforcement agency confirming the absence of a criminal record.

How do I get to Dominica?

International travellers from Europe and the USA arrive in Dominica through transit hubs in Antigua, Barbados, St Maarten, Puerto Rico, Guadeloupe, and Martinique. Dominica’s main and larger airport is Melville Hall (DOM) which accommodates commercial airlines and has an updated terminal. Canefield Airport (DCF) currently serves only courier services and private charters.

Can I submit my application in any language?

No. You must submit your application in English.

Do I need an address in Dominica to renew my passport?

No, you do not need an address in Dominica. You can renew your passport at the Passport and Immigration Department in Dominica or through any Dominican Consulate, and may simply give your primary residence as your address.

Where can I travel to on my Dominican passport without obtaining a visa in advance?

With a Dominican passport, you can travel visa-free or with a visa-on-arrival to over 120 countries or territories, including many important business hubs. You will have the right to live, work, and study in Dominica at any time. Holders of a Dominican passport, like holders of passports from any Caribbean country, require a visa to enter the United States, because they are not part of the Visa Waiver Programme.

Where will my Dominican Passport be recognized?

Everywhere. The passport that you obtain as an economic citizen is a fully legal passport, and is universally recognised by all state parties to the United Nations.

Does Dominica recognize dual citizenship?

Yes, the laws of Dominica recognize and allow dual citizenship and you are not required to renounce your other citizenships. You are not required to reside in Dominica to keep your citizenship status.

How many years is a Dominican passport valid?

Dominican passports are generally valid for up to 10 years. Passports for children under 16 years old are issued for 5 years.

How do I renew my passport when it expires?

Expired passports or those with no free pages can be easily renewed for a fee at the Passport and Immigration Department in Dominica or through any Dominican Consulate (with no need to personally travel to Dominica or its Consulates).

How can I be sure that my passport will be renewed upon expiry?

As part of the laws of Dominica, and as a citizen of Dominica, you would be entitled to a passport.

Can I renew my passport if I have already sold the Investment Property?

Yes, as long as you held the property for the required number of years after obtaining your citizenship.

Do I need an address in Dominica to renew my passport?

No, you do not need an address in Dominica. You can renew your passport at the Passport and Immigration Department in Dominica or through any Dominican Consulate, and may simply give your primary residence as your address.



The Nature Isle of the Caribbean


Après le Bon Dieu, c’est la Terre (After God the Earth)


Isle of Beauty, Isle of Splendour


3 November 1978 (from the United Kingdom)


President: His Excellency, the Honourable Charles Savarin


73, 643*

* World Bank data, 2016


Total: USD 525,424,630 million* | Per capita: USD 7,144*

* World Bank data, 2016


15˚ 20’ N 61˚ 22’ W

Caribbean Sea, south-southeast of Guadeloupe

and northwest of Martinique




GMT-4 (no daylight savings)


751 km2 (290 sq mi)


0-14: 21.72%, 15-64: 67.14%, 65+: 11.14% (2017 est)


English (vernacular languages: Antillean Creole and French Patois)


97.1% (15-24 years)


Roman Catholic, Methodist, Anglican,

Seventh Day Adventist, Baptist, and other religions


Unitary parliamentary republic


East Caribbean dollar (XCD), pegged to the US dollar (USD)


1 USD = XCD 2.7169


Based on English Common Law


Tourism, agriculture, and light manufacturing. Main exports: coffee, cocoa, bananas,

citrus fruits, and tropical fruits. Exported manufactured

products include rum, timber, and soap. Abundant natural resources: water.


Melville Hall


Tropical, with little seasonal variation between the wet

and dry season; high rainfall during the wet season.




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