Bank Licences in the Commonwealth of Dominica

Dominica is a respectable jurisdiction for the establishment of an offshore bank. In addition, Dominica has a solid reputation for maintaining customer privacy, as it has stringent confidentiality laws, which is what attracts many clients to this location to open a bank account.
The Dominica banking industry is regulated by the International Financial Services Authority. Dominica offshore bank licenses are regulated by the Offshore Banking Act 1996 and the Offshore Banking Act 1997.

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Dominica Bank Licence Requirements

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  • The very first stage of your immigration process is to send your profile for an evaluation. And it is highly recommended to proceed only if your evaluation report turns out to be positive.
  • After getting cleared by the evaluation report, we ask you to sign up for our services, after you agree with all our terms and conditions we assign you our best process consultant who will dedicatedly work on your case.
  • Before the final application and paperwork there are many stages involved in filing up your immigration visa. Many immigration programs require French or English language tests or Skills or Education Assessment.
  • Our team of experts will assist and will navigate you through the complete paperwork and process, they will advise about the documents you need and will thoroughly go through your application form before a completed set is finally handed over to you.

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