Real Estate Property Application Process


Reservation Form

The investor signs a reservation form and submits a deposit of $22,000 against the investment of $220,000 to secure their interest in the investment.

The Agent could assist the investor to process the application.


Application Forms and Document Submission

The investor collates the required documents and completes the required application forms with the assistance of their service provider. Processing fees and due diligence fees must be paid along with the application directly to the service provider. The investor will execute the Sale & Purchase Agreement at this stage.


Application Processing and Payment

Application processing takes approximately 90-120 days from filing an application. Within 7 days upon approval of the application, the investor will pay the remaining balance of $198,000 and applicable government fees and share registration fees. Real Estate Agent will issue an Ownership Certificate to the investor.


Closing and Transfer

Proof of ownership will be submitted to the government and the Citizenship Unit will issue the Certificate(s) of Citizenship and subsequently Passport(s). This usually takes 3-4 weeks.